Honda Accord 2019 Review

The know-it-all car people say revamped Honda Accord is greater than ever: 2019 five-passenger sedan has exiting, sophisticated look and feel. Americans have long-ago embraced the practicality, fuel efficiency and off-the-charts reliability of the second-best-selling sedan. Since Accord’s launch in 1976, we have bought more than 13 million of them. This year Accord was granted the Edmunds Editors’ Choice Award that encompasses far more than just subjective opinion of the editorial board: Accord was among only seven named top-rated vehicles for car shoppers. Overall, more than 300 competitive vehicles on the market are scrupulously tested and judged on 27 criteria in 5 different categories.

List of Pros

  • Superb ride quality
  • Sleek sporty design
  • A plethora of standard safety technology
  • Flexible, easy handling capabilities
  • Good fuel economy
  • The powerful, turbocharged engine
  • Spacious cabin
  • Superb outward visibility
  • The CVT automatic
  • The resale value is always high

List of Cons

  • The low seat position in both rows, no height-adjustable passenger seat
  • The trunk opening is narrow
  • Noisy at high speeds
  • Problematic Voice command system

Honda Accord overview

New Honda 2019

The completely redesigned HA ranks among the best midsize cars in America. Accord is safe and reliable: we can fall back on brands long-standing reliability reputation. There are no significant drawbacks and the beneficial features and functions are of the charts. Starting with the awesome turbocharged engine, the new awesome sporty design, well-above-average standard safety features, specious attractive interior, and the cutting-edge tech – Accord has it all. There are five great trim-levels: we have the basic trim with LX, and the more advanced Sport, EX, EX-L, and Touring. Though, it’s important to note, that Honda went all in even with the features of their entry-level model, especially when it comes to safety features.


New Honda Accord 2019

Just by looking at the redesigned Accord you can appreciate the effort: the new design is bold and has that popular aggressive sporty new style. The sleek modern look is supported by the large black radiator grille, the long low hood, curving line of the roof and a very fun new detail – the rear spoiler. Furthermore, chrome dual horizontal exhaust outlets actually finish the look and bring it all together. Accord seems much bigger than it really is and this new sedan that we have has already won the audience over: new exterior rating is a strong 5 out of 5 stars on the vast majority of the consumer review sites. And, we just want this to go on the record: the 19-inch alloy wheels that come with the Sport trim look incredibly futuristic.


No big surprise here: the brand is sticking to its high-quality interior materials approach, nothing in the interior design looks cheap, and even plastic parts look stylish. The interior is comfortable and roomy with a lot of legroom between the seating rows. While these traits certainly add to the appeal of the car, the new infotainment tech, the unmatched interior dimensions, and even the interior styling give us go-ahead for describing the Accords interior as luxurious. The more high-end trims have stitched leather, eye-catching features in silver and highly durable knurled metal handles. Experts say it’s more than a match to the basic sedans from Audi, Mercedes or BMW.


The performance is impressive: it looks like the brand has presented one of the greatest base engines in its segment: it is the awesome turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The main engine is an impressive 192 hp 1,5-liter unit while Sport, EX-L and Touring trims are advanced to the mind-blowing 252 hp 2-liter motor. What that means is our beloved “family car” is now able to hit 60 mph in 5 seconds. It handles like a dream, provides truly satisfying power, superior fuel economy, and is so much fun to ride.


Honda Accord`s Motor

The technological advancements of the revamped Accord are apparent and much appreciated. The infotainment system has finally hit the mark with chirps graphics and a very sensible menu. This means that tech connectivity and entertainment are to be expected. Accord offers a lot of high-tech features, like the Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or the HD RadioTM and SiriusXM Satellite Radio in higher trim sedans. And, of course, with the 8-inch high-resolution touchscreen that is available in all of the trims except for the LX you can easily access all of the apps on your phone.


The market average price is roughly around twenty five thousand. The basic level trim will cost you 23 570 USD, and the mid-tier Sport model starts at about 25 780 USD. As for the Touring- sedan will be priced at around 33 800.


The Honda sedan comfortably seats five adult passengers. All of the newest trims have the standard top-notch cloth upholstery and sleek leather-trimmed car seats. The front ones are power-adjustable and, the upper trims have the option of the heated seats.

Climate Control System

Accords climate control system will be able to tailor the car’s environment to accommodate any passenger’s preferences. The temperature is easily adjustable on both sides – the drivers and passengers.  You can sync the temperature in the whole cabin to the driver’s side settings. Furthermore, there’s even a very necessary option for blocking the outside fumes from getting into the cabin – an essential feature in our gridlocks.

Infotainment System

Many are really impressed by the Accord’s new infotainment system. The revamped new generation Accords have the 7 or 8-inch displays mounted atop of the dashboard. The bigger screen is a touchscreen and is included in all of the trims, except for the basic one. More importantly, especially for those that passionately hated previous systems: the menu is sensible, and the graphics are up to par.

Storage and Space

The revamped HA 2019 has a spacious cabin as well as a truly massive amount of cargo space of 16.7 cubic feet.


Overall, the cabin has lots of space. Passengers should have enough room to stretch out in both the first and second rows. You’ll be able to easily find and reach everything.

Seat comfort

The seat comfort has been an issue with the 2019 Honda Accord and has made it to the most of the “Cons” lists. The main issue is the low seat position. Note, that taller drivers should test the seating position, they might be uncomfortable with the position of the wheel or their knees rubbing against a piece of hard plastic.

Ride comfort

One of the Accords strengths on the road is the smooth, comfortable, effortless driving. Accord corners well and is great even with difficult turns; the breaks have a powerful and natural feel. The entire Accord line-up has good handling capabilities. The drivetrain responds quickly, provides sufficient power and has a multi-link adaptive suspension system. The ride feels very stable and grounded.  Generally, Accord has some of the best handling capabilities for a sedan.


The ride quality is exceptional. There are reports that the higher trim sedans, those that come with bigger wheels have a low profile tires have a shorter sidewall thus making the ride a bit harsher over road bumps. Strangely enough, not even the Touring’s adaptive suspension fixes the problem. Though the smaller 17-inch wheels provide for a smoother quality ride. The good news is, the Touring Hybrid has the smaller wheels thus a smoother ride.

Safety & Reliability

The IIHS gave 2019 Accord industry-leading ratings. Safety technology is superb and, most importantly, the brand didn’t skimp on the basic trims – same safety characteristics are standard for all of the models.  Furthermore, braking is remarkably smooth and predictable and even emergency stops feel secure and safe on the road. A big contributor to the HA safety ratings is the Honda Sensing safety technology designed specifically to detect and prevent collisions, it’s like an extra pair of eyes, a highly trained and effective pair of professional eyes right there with you in the car. The Honda Sensing safety tech is standard across all of the Accord trim levels. As for the safety: sedan is packed with all of the safety-related features and functions you would want to see in your family car, like the 4-Wheel ABS, the child prof & safety locks and the daytime running lighting. All of the sedans have Brake Assist, the traction control, lane departure warning mechanism, the electronic stability control and, of course, the best airbag system in place.

Should I buy the Accord?

The latest Accord is an impressive mid-size sedan that stands tall over the competition. Honda Accord is available with an impressive mix of luxury, cutting-edge technology, security, safety and the very necessary  predictability and reliability. There is no reason not to consider buying this impressive new sedan.

How much does the Honda Accord cost?

23 570 USD – 33  800 USD.