Honda CR-V Review

One of Honda’s most popular cars, just last year we’ve bought almost four hundred of these small SUVs, so: the public is fully on board. As for the expert opinion, CR-V has scored 8.1 out of 10 on the Edmunds scorecard and the car made it to the 2019 lists for the best family car, best family SUV and also the best small SUVs.

Honda CR-V Review

List of Pros

  • Comfortable stable ride
  • Enough storage space for a large family
  • Spacious interior
  • Responsive turbocharged engine
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Exceptional road manners

List of Cons

  • Periodically non-compliant touchscreen infotainment system
  • The base trim engine is sub-par
  • Limited towing capability

Honda CR-V Overview

This Honda’s best-seller is all it needs to be and a cherry on top: CR-V literally checks all of the boxes on the car shoppers’ list. CR-V got the best revamp two years ago, and Honda only keeps on adding to this smart solid vehicle. With the newest model, you’ll get the amazing turbocharged engine on absolutely all of the trim levels above the base one, it truly provides the best acceleration and fuel economy in its class.  Honda has fixed the problem with the body roll by revamping the suspension, the storage and cargo options are impressive, plus the 2019 CR-V has a lot of new safety benefits.

CR-V provides a very comfortable ride and an extremely quiet one, just perfect for those rides with small children. Honestly, there are more stylish cars on the road, moreover the tech-savvy crowd becomes easily frustrated with the touchscreen, but Honda CR-V is simply an excellent crossover and that is why the sales are through the roof year after year. There are 4 trim levels, the base LX can use a better engine, though it is decently equipped. The rest three EX, EX-L, and Touring are substantially better, with a boost in everything from tech, safety aids to lux leather car seats.


Exterior of Honda CR-V Review

Overall, a great looking car, some say, that design could have been a bit slicker, but, what’s the point of arguing with the bestseller? It’s a modern rather aggressive aerodynamic design, with an awesome chrome grille and a bit of chrome detailing added under the axillary lights. Honda has a bulky uniquely designed hood and bumpers. There are two-wheel options, the base is 17 inch and the rest is 18. There are options of heated and non-heated mirrors with turn signals. The LX has black exterior door handles and in the upper trims door handles are body-matched.


Interior of Honda CR-V Review

Honda has really brought it with the interior of this moderately-priced crossover: the quality of the interior materials is top-notch and the craftsmanship is admirable. You can appreciate the quality stitching, the lux plastic and seamless paneling. Leather materials of the EX-L and Touring trims are really luxurious and all of the inside details, down to the unique storage niches are all well thought through. Moreover, there is  a very generous amount of space inside the cabin and it’s hard to find another SUV with as much rear-seat space.


You’ll certainly have your pick of power here. The base LX has a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine with 184 hp and 180 lbf⋅ft torque. All other trim levels come fitted with a turbocharged 190 hp, 179 lb-ft powerful 4-cylinder engine. This crossover is very good on gas, it is one of the most fuel-efficient compact crossovers on the market today.


Honda CR-V is packed with innovative tech. Some say that it is the only downside, though experts say that immensity scrupulous tech-savvy consumers are very demanding these days and the touchscreen infotainment is not cutting-edge tech, but a well-functioning one. You’ll be pleased with the multi-angle rearview camera that is available on all trims, the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for the upper three trims,  the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™, the remote engine start, Bluetooth, etc.


Sorry to state, but: opt for the upper trims. It’s well worth it to pay more for the second-tier EX trim. And yes, the Touring is locked and loaded with amazing features and functions, but, the EX is the ultimate steel in this line-up, just about three thousand more than the base level. The lowest price is 25 395 for the base trim, the EX will cost you 28 295, overall, trim costs go up to max of 33 795 USD.


The seats are very comfortable for any body shape or size, moreover, the comfort level doesn’t drop when you move to the back seats – it is one of the best perks with this model.  Materials are superb quality even for the base trim, other perks include heated seats. There is a lot of leg – and headroom for 5 adults.

Climate Control System

Automatic climate control is a Honda staple. CC makes it extremely easy to create and maintain a very relaxing and comfortable environment in the vehicle. All trims above the base one come with dual-zone cc.

Infotainment System

The infotainment, though functional, has made it to most of the cons lists due to the touchscreen infotainment system not being responsive enough; it’s not very user-friendly or intuitive enough to comfortably assist you on the road. Our advice: if you aren’t satisfied, just use the CarPlay or Android Auto instead.

Storage and Space

CR-V has way to much space and not just in the cabin, the cargo zone is even more impressive. With all seats in place the storage capacity is somewhere around 37.6 – 39.2 cubic feet and when folded the number really goes through the roof: 75.8 cubic feet of cargo space.

Honda CR-V


The overall level of comfort is outstanding: the cabin is spacious with extremely comfortable seating ideal for a pleasant driving experience.

Seat comfort

Front and rear seats are comfortable and contoured to easily support all body shapes.

Ride comfort

One of the main benefits is the absolute ride comfort: the steering feels very precise and natural and the handling is effortless and on point. The superb driving performance, the almost non-existent body roll and the overall fun and exciting riding experience will make you prepared and ready to handle just about anything the road throws at you.


It is a very sophisticated quality ride, with awesome road manners. Plus, the car easily absorbs the unavoidable road bumps and humps, making the impact possible to ignore. CR-V provides a calm and relaxing ride.

Safety & Reliability

The best results you can hope for. IIHS awarded CR-V the Pot Safety Pick for this year and the car has the best rating possible in the crash-test.

Should I Buy the Honda CR-V?

It’s a big definite – yes.

How Much Does it cost?

25 395 USD – 33 795 USD