Honda Crosstour Review

The new 2019-2020 Honda Crosstour is scheduled to hit our roads sometime next year.  The original was in production between 2009 and 2015, meaning Honda had almost five years to come up with the Crosstour revamp to really WOW us, but, till then let’s take a closer look at 2015 Crosstour, after all, it was amongst the top 5 best 2015 wagons.

List of Pros

  • Comfortable spacious seating
  • Carlike handling
  • Well-equipped base model 
  • Noise-proof cabin

List of Cons

  • Questionable design
  • Fuel economy is subpar
  • Insufficient storage and cargo space
  • Button overload on the console
  • Narrow rear window compromises visibility

Honda Crosstour Overview

Honda Crosstour 2015

The Honda Crosstour hatchback is usually described as “unique”. The 2015 version is like a hatchback and wagon mix with some of the trademark crossover SUV characteristics, it looks more like a customized Accord wagon. It is a good family-sized five-seater. Crosstour is loved for its sedan-like handling and the all-wheel-drive feature. The 2015 Honda Crosstour was considered just a bit out-of-date when it came out in 2015 because it was overall a revamped and slightly bettered 2013 Accord model. So, in 2019 you’ll probably be more disappointed in the available features and functions, not to mention tech, or the lack thereof. 2015 Honda Crosstour has only two trims: the base EX and its bettered version – the EX-l.


Honda Crosstour

Crosstour’s appearance as often described as “unique” or “creative”. The wagon looks like a much bigger version of the Accord model, stands a bit higher off the ground and has that sporty-aggressive look supported by projector headlights and a lot of chrome and metallic details. There’s the massive chrome grille, metal front accents in the bottom, underneath the fog lights, they appear on the sides and back and are complemented by the 17-inch silver-painted aluminum wheels.


Interior of Honda Crosstour

Moving on to the inside – the interior is designed to offer a pleasantly comfortable ride. Crosstour has a very spacious cabin with more than enough legroom in front and back. Though it is a five-seater, it’ll comfortably seat four adults or two adults in the front and three children in the back seat. Chrome and silver detailing is also represented on the doors matching the exterior design. And the major drawback – there is a massive button overload in the control panel.

Honda Crosstour - Interior


You’ll have a choice of two engines with the Honda Crosstour: the four-cylinder 2.4-liter one that generates 192 hp and a larger 3.5-liter V6 capable of generating 278 hp.  The vehicle standardly comes with a five-speed automatic transmission, and you can opt for the six-speed with the V6. Front- and all-wheel drive options are also available.


Though the 2015 model is an essentially unchanged 2014 Crosstour there were some added tech features. First of all, there is the auto-dimming of the rearview mirror and the always-appreciated controls mounted on the steering wheel. Furthermore, there is a high-placed screen and voice activation to aid with vehicle system operation. The Crosstour is also equipped with the multi-angle rearview camera and as far as tech safety features go, there is the lane departure warning system paired with Honda LaneWatch that ensures safety in the toughest of driving situations.


Since it has been almost five years since last Crosstour release it is more likely that you’ll be looking for a used vehicle. At the dealer, the price of a used  HC is anywhere from 19 500 USD for the base trim to  25 700 for the upper EX-L. With such a starting price, it is certainly a bargain, considering that the base model is well-equipped and even has some top tear tech and safety features and functions.


Crosstour seats five in relative comfort and four adults can sit back and enjoy the ride. HC has the standard high-quality cloth upholstery and a highly adjustable driver seat. Of course, when you move to top tear there’s the option of luxuriously soft leather seats, power-adjustable passenger seat and the 2-position memory seat for the driver.

Climate Control System

Honda offers the dual-zone automatic climate control system for both the base trim EX and the top EX-L models. CC is designed in a way to easily create a comfortable environment inside the cabin. Crosstour Climate control can maintain personal settings for the front row – the drivers and the passenger seats.

Infotainment System

Crosstour features the HondaLink infotainment a system that will help you to safely and properly navigate on the road and access your smartphone. There’s a great 7-speaker sound system with Bluetooth phone connectivity and a USB port even on the lower trim. A lot of complaints center around the abundance of buttons on the panel, you can address this issue with an 8-inch display screen, centrally located control knob and voice recognition.

Storage and Space

Space of Honda Crosstour

The insufficient cargo and storage space is one of the drawbacks for the Crosstour. In terms of storage, we have the 25.7-cubic-foot cargo area right behind the 60/40-split rear seat and with the second-row seats folded the Crosstour goes up to 51.3 cubic feet of max cargo space. Honestly, there aren’t a lot of vehicles that offer less, most have more.


The overall level of comfort overwhelmingly receives high marks: starting from the confident feel behind the wheel and down to unexcitingly up-to-date tech. 

Seat comfort

The driver’s and the passenger’s seats are very comfortable and offer good firm lumbar support. There is enough legroom in front and back, all of the seats are well-crafted and are comfortable for all body shapes and sizes.

Ride comfort

The Crosstour is very easy to drive in spite of its large size. Moreover, the majority of expert and customer reviews praise the sedan-like handling, which overall ads a lot of extra points to the ride comfort.


There are some reviews that point to somewhat compromised handling, but even those reviews conclude that Crosstour offers a very comfortable and quiet ride even with top highway speeds. Furthermore, the Real-Time 4WD system makes Crossover a very capable performer in poor weather conditions. 

Safety & Reliability

The IIHS issued Crosstour the best rating for moderate-overlap frontal-offset, side-impact as well as roof-strength crash protection. Since the 2015 launch, the NHTSA has issued 2 safety recalls.

Should I Buy the Honda Crosstour?

Overall, it is a great well-manufactured quality car with surprisingly light handling for its size. It’s roomy, quiet and tech is sufficient enough, though a bit outdated.

How Much Does it cost?

~ 19 500 USD to  25 700 USD