Honda Element Review 2019

The Element was discontinued in 2011, though it still remains a very sensible choice for getting-out-of-town sort of vehicle. Almost a decade later it is considered a solid utility vehicle with good resale value. In the now distant 2003 when the Element was first introduced, Honda was aiming to reach the active youth market, and instead made a compact crossover for everyone. The roomy interior and its versatility, enormous amounts of cargo space, great performance both in the city traffic and on highways and a very unique appearance had made the car a favorite for a while.

List of Pros

  • Unique exterior
  • Rubber floors that can be easily cleaned
  • Spacious interior
  • AWD is available
  • Wide-opening cargo doors
  • Responsive performance both in the city and on highways
  • Flip-up rear seats

List of Cons

  • Seat comfort is subpar
  • Four-seater
  • Fuel efficiency is substandard

Honda Element Overview

Honda Element Overview

Еhe Element went all throughout its manufacturing years without any major revamps and had still managed to make it right to the top 3 list of 2011 Affordable Compact SUVs. The 2011 Honda Element with its very unique look, quirky colors and really exceptional cargo-hauling capabilities nowadays cost 10K less, so can be considered a great bargain if you find one in good condition. Kelly Blue Book has 4.8 out of 5-star customer ratings for the used 2011 Element, with 81% out of almost 1000 voters giving the Element a highest possible mark. One might wonder why Honda took the crossover off the market.

The last Element came out in only two trim levels, the base LX and the upscale EX, having dropped its sporty option – the SC.  Overall, it is a great vehicle with more than enough space for cargo and solid performance. Generally, the Honda Element can be described as: “utility before luxury.


Exterior of Honda Element

Well, it’s a “box” car. Hence, if you are a fan of that sort of exterior design, you’ll probably love the Elements boxy look. Generally, the car isn’t unattractive, let’s call it “interesting”, or “unique” as most people do. It’s still one of the most practical cars you can get and it looks exactly how it sounds: “practical”. One thing to praise: the color scheme aged well! The colors don’t seem outdated even today – Tango Red Pearl and Citrus Fire Metallic are vibrant cool choices.


Interior of Honda Element

The Honda Element has a great interior for 2011, of course, today we can only state that it is dated. The vehicle was planned, first and foremost, for the active youth – skaters, surfers, bikers, etc. – and it was advertised as a pet-friendly crossover. And the interior seriously delivered on those promises: all of the interior materials were specifically manufactured to be quickly and effortlessly cleaned. Lastly, the main attraction: the Element’s interior is very spacious and versatile. As for everything else: the overall design, quality of materials, the control panel, features, and functions – let’s just say you’ll be disappointed.

Interior - Honda Element


This particular crossover is powered by a four-cylinder engine able to generate 166 hp. If you would go on any customer review sites – you’ll see people raving and praising the awesome acceleration on highways. The Element offers smooth and controllable performance even when reaching the highest of speeds. The fuel economy isn’t that great; we definitely have much better options nowadays, though it is still computable: 20 on city streets and 25 on the highway. As for the reliability, we urge you to read the comment section: almost a decade later, five stars revives keep-on rolling in.


Surprisingly, the Element will have just enough tech for you to comfortably get by, though, considering the year made, the infotainment is nonexistent. Though, you can just purchase one separately. Your standard features would include an A/C, 4-speaker AM/FM/CD, cruise control, power windows, and remote entry. There will be more features included in the upper trim, like the  XM radio, MP3/WMA or the seven-speaker sound system. Plus, there were a lot of features you could have additionally added, so, since you’re in the market for a used Element, just check the available features.


The Element holds its resale value. Nowadays you can buy the Element anywhere from 10 242 USD to 12 653. And the original price was from 20 826 for the base trim and 24 825 for the top tear.


The Honda Element is a four-seater, which is a sort of a compromise for an SUV that usually offers at least five seats. It’s not very comfortable to get in and out for both the driver and the passengers, but it’s all compensated by the Element’s theater-style seating that results in tons of extra space for those riding in the back. The seating material in all the Elements goes bad with time, it heavily cracks – a problem easily solved with seat-covers.

Climate Control System

The vehicle standardly comes with an air conditioner.

Infotainment System

Non-existent option in the 2011 model, can be purchased separately.

Storage and Space

The hands-down best Honda Element feature is the versatility and spaciousness of the cabin. The storage isn’t lacking in any way, shape or form. First of all, there are multiple numerous storage bins, cup holders, door pockets, etc. With the rear seats removed, the Element offers up to 74.6 cubic feet of cargo space and this crossover also has wide-opening cargo doors to effortlessly get all of your stuff inside.  


Honda Element Review

Overall, the vehicle is very comfortable for its target audience: the car is very easy to clean, it handles well on and off-road, it has a roomy cabin and the storage is exceptional.

Seat comfort

Seat comfort is subpar.

Ride comfort

The car handles well, it is well praised for its riding comfort so much so that till this date almost a decade later people are hunting down car parts to keep their Elements going. As for the overall on-the-road performance the Element guarantees a smooth adequate ride and the vehicle is highly responsive.


The ride quality is overall satisfactory, though one of the quality, drawbacks would be a noisy ride.

Safety & Reliability

The IIHS gave the Element a highest-possible score of “Good” in its frontal-offset and side-impact collision tests.

Should I Buy the Honda Element?

This should be a very carefully made decision, as you will be buying a decade-old vehicle as-is and, as mentioned above, there’s a big hunt already going on for spare parts.

How Much Does it cost?

10 242 USD – 12 653 USD