Honda Odyssey Review

With the Odyssey Honda has adopted a good-old motto: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Thus, there are no changes to the 2019 Odyssey model. It ranks #1 in Minivans and is one of the most beloved cars on our roads today. Let’s see why.

Honda Odyssey Review 2019

List of Pros

  • Off the charts exemplary performance and handling
  • Roomy interior
  • Responsive intuitive infotainment
  • Quality materials
  • On-point safety features
  • Very stylish for a minivan
  • More than enough cargo space
  • Various seat configurations

List of Cons

  • Tricky to remove the second-row seats
  • Top trims get a bit pricey

Honda Odyssey Overview

Honda Odyssey

This year Odyssey turns 25 and we’ll probably see a more pumped-up version for 2020, last I’ve checked Honda has already announced that all new minivans will get 10-speed automatic transmission for the anniversary. But, for now, let’s appreciate the perfection that is Odyssey 2019. It is hands-down an excellent minivan. Quality craftsmanship can be seen throughout the well-build interior. It is extremely family-oriented, and you can see that in all of the useful details, like multiple seat configurations, more than enough cup holders, baskets or storage nooks, tri-zone climate control, and, of course, the crème-de-la-crème – your safety guarantee: the Honda Sensing. The Odyssey’s fuel economy is also one of the main benefits – it is certainly best in the class for a non-hybrid.

The Odyssey, just like other Honda models, comes in 5 trims. The base one is the LX, mid-priced EX, EX-L and the packed and fully loaded Touring and Elite. This vehicle has absolutely everything you would want in your ideal minivan, and then some.


Exterior of Honda Odyssey

In the front LED day time running lights, LED headlights and fog lights and a massive black grille with bulk Honda batch finished with chrome accents ad a lot to the modern sporty. The batch is so huge not just for show, it serves as protection for the safety sensors. You can see some grooves on the front bumper that also add a bit of aggressive sportiness to the look. An overall modern look is supported throughout, with the nice aluminum alloy wheels and chrome accents on the back bumper tying the look together.


Interior of Honda Odyssey Review

Moving on to the inside, we have another example of Honda being Honda: the quality of materials is exceptional. Soft-touch with lux feel throughout – it’s hard not to like Honda’s interior. Overall, the design is beautiful and very up-to-date, nothing cringy or even misplaced in sight. But, what really brings it home is the over the top tech and unmatched functionality. 


Honda Odyssey delivers a very solid performance. The incredibly smooth ride is provided by the easy acceleration courtesy of the powerful 280-hp V6 engine available on all trims. As for the transmission, all but top trims have nine-speed automatic, and the top two have the 10-speed. Furthermore, you’ll be pleased with the gas mileage reaching 19 mpg inside the city lines and taking it up to 28 mpg on the highway.


There is a lot of new tech packed into the Odyssey. Everything from your instrument panel, safety features, connectivity, and infotainment system is up there with the best of them. With the Digital Driver Information Interface, you’ll be able to fully personalize your information panel.  And, the Hondas legacy now available on all of the trims: the Honda Sensing safety features. Plus, you can opt for the 8-inch touchscreen, Android Auto / Apple CarPlay or navigation via satellite.


Yes, the Touring and Elite are awesome, but, if you are looking to save some cash and still get the lux ride – the EX or the EX-L are great choices and cost thousands less. Plus, all of the important performance, tech, and safety features are practically the same for all trims above the base LX.


Interior of Honda Odyssey

Odyssey has eight seats on all of the trims, except for the LX which has seven. Honda offers LATCH connectors for its car seat installation – another Honda safety benefit that earned a lot of praise from the IIHS. The seats are upholstered with great quality materials and the second row of seats can be adjusted to create numerous seating and cargo options.

Climate Control System

Honda offers a three-zone automatic cc on almost all of the trims, same goes for the heated seats in the front.

Infotainment System

Honda Odyssey Review

This minivan is undoubtedly technologically advanced, the infotainment system is one of the best things about the Odyssey.  With the standard package, you’ll get a 5-inch screen and you can always opt for the 8 touchscreens. The menus are highly intuitive and easy to navigate and control, moreover, the graphics are very impressive. Of course, all of the classics like audio and navigation, smartphone integration, driver aids, and voice control are available and well-functioning.

Storage and Space

You won’t be disappointed with the Odyssey cargo options. Moving to the back you’ll find almost 39 ft3 of cargo space, which is very decent, but, when you fold down the seats your cargo space skyrockets to the very impressive and practically unmatched 158 ft3 .


The overall level of comfort is outstanding: starting from the confident feel behind the wheel and down to entertainment system or the cap less fuel tank – all of it is aimed to bring the comfort level up and make your journey an enjoyable one.

Seat comfort

All of the three Odyssey rows of seats are highly comfortable. Honda’s seating comfort marks always hit the top marks with consumers and experts. Front seats provide a bit more lumbar support, and soft quality upholstery is the same for all the rows.

Ride comfort

Odyssey offers a smooth pleasant ride. Minivan handles really well: it’s effortless confident sailing all the way. Additionally, the comfort level is boosted with the noise cancellation, it’ll be exceptionally quiet even on the highway.


Ride quality is extraordinary in all of the Odyssey trims, you’ll be hard-pressed finding the same quality in its class. It is effortless stable riding, you can look forward to not even noticing most of the bumps on the road, at some point, you’ll even think that the roads have gotten much better.  

Safety & Reliability

The Odyssey has a strong lead here being the top choice of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and having top ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Should I Buy the Honda Odyssey?

This Odyssey is an awesome car and is hands-down a perfect choice for a minivan, it’s no1 in most of the charts for a good reason. It costs a bit more than some of its competitors, but many would argue that it’s well worth the money. 

How Much Does it cost?

30 190 USD – 47 070 USD.