Honda Pilot Review

Honda has brought it with the Pilot, this awesome three-row SUV has Honda Sensing on all five trims, offers an impressive tech boost, showcases a modern style and has much more up its sleeve. As for the expert opinion: Edmunds’ gave the 2019 Pilot 8.2 out of 10, so, the experts are already on board.

List of Pros

  • Comfortable spacious interior
  • The last row comfortably seats adults
  • Smooth pleasant ride & easy to drive
  • Great storage options
  • Exceptional fuel economy
  • Best Standard Safety Tech
  • Great towing power

List of Cons

  • Excess to the last row can be a bit tricky
  • Unexciting design
  • Elite trim is pricey
  • Some of the advanced safety features are sensitive
Honda Pilot Review 2019

Honda CR-V Overview

This year’s HP hasn’t been changed much, it is a great popular car, so the key changes are more about betterment than change. Honda revamped the tech, starting with a user-friendly infotainment system, has added the cutting-edge Honda Sensing to all of the trims and there are noticeable boosts to the overall inside and outside design. You can see the work in details: Honda undoubtedly went for the customer-centric approach and succeeded. The three-row eight-passenger Honda Pilot has five trim levels: the basic LX, the boosted EX and EX-L, and the top-tier Touring and Elite. It is a great family SUV with everything you need. It remains a solid and reliable family car.


Exterior of Honda Pilot

Simply put, the 2019 Pilot looks tougher, so, it’s getting harder to see the advertised Mommy-friendly vehicle in this impressive ride. The Pilot got great “facial” and everything from the grille on down has been redesigned: HP has a new awesome grille, LED automatic switch low- and high-beam headlights, re-designed 18 or 20-inch alloy wheels.


Interior of Honda Pilot

The cabin is a very comfortable one. There are new fabrics used for the seating, the cabin is well-made and a very functional one. With so many tech upgrades Honda has not forgotten about comfort, this three-row vehicle comfortably seats 8 people, the second and third rows effortlessly fold, all three rows have air vents, and the sheer number of the cup holders, pockets and baskets for storage is a pleasant surprise. The third row might feel a bit cramped for some, though note, that Pilot offers more space than the competition.


The Pilot features a 3.5-liter V6 engine that puts out 280 horsepower. And all of the trims are equipped with the same powerful engine that supplies a lot of power while getting class-average fuel economy. This car shows an estimated 12.4L/100km in the city and 8.8L/100km on the highway. Moreover, the awesome 6-speed automatic transmission is available on all trims up to the Touring, the top two come with the 9-speed transmission.


There is a lot of new tech packed into 2019 Pilot, including the revised infotainment system. All of the trims except for the base LX have the CabinControl and come equipped with the standard 8-inch Display Audio system. The Pilot has a great infotainment system interface that is very efficient and responsive after a revamp. Two top trims have the Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto and Wi-Fi hotspot.


It’s well worth it to pay more for the second-tier EX trim, though if you are choosing between the two top trims – go for the Touring, it has all of the necessary features and functions minus a few perks you can easily go without. The lowest price is 31 450 USD for the base trim and the price grows to 49 065 USD for the top trim.


The 2019 Pilot is available with three rows of quality seats. The Pilot has a very useful handle that’ll get you in that third row in a jiff. All of the seats, the third row included, recline and the second row also slides to give passengers more legroom. There is more than enough space in each row for average-size adults. Seats are high so you can put your feet underneath, the seats are upholstered with quality materials and front seats g=have a great back support.

Honda Pilot

Climate Control System

Three-zone automatic cc is available on all trims above the second one, including the EX.

Infotainment System

The Infotainment got another tech boost this year. There were some major adjustments and Honda has finally produced a Pilot with easily operated  straightforward IS that is easy to use, intuitive and isn’t overly sensitive to the touch. The graphics are superb on the 8-inch screen or the entertainment system screen for the back rows available on the upper trims.

Storage and Space

There’s plenty of room: you can appreciate the spaciousness of the cabin for a vehicle with three rows of seats. If we are talking cargo space you’ll have 16.5 cubic feet with 8 passengers on board and with the possibility of number of passengers dropping below 8 the cargo space increases immensely to 47 cubic feet without the third row folde4d and hits the impressive max of 84 when both rows are down.


The overall level of comfort is outstanding: the cabin is spacious, the ride performance is superb and the entertainment system on the upper trims will make the time just fly by.

Seat comfort

The seats are wide and offer great of lumbar support. They are specifically designed to comfortably seat adults in all three rows providing enough legroom. Impressive Honda seat quality provides for a comfortable experience with seats that are accommodating to different body shapes and sizes, front seats are also easy to adjust if needed.

Honda Pilot Review

Ride comfort

The Pilot provides a comfortable ride: you’ll be able to feel the undeniable confidence in handling and steering, the ride is pretty much flawless and very hard to beat.


Ride quality is exceptional in all of the Pilot trims, it’ll be difficult to find a third-row SUV that provides a smoother ride. It is effortless riding, that feels stable even on the bumpy roads.

Safety & Reliability

The IIHS has named the Pilot the Top Safety Pick for 2019.

Should I Buy the Honda Pilot?

The 2019 Pilot is one of the best three-row options. With a great initial price, this Honda also provides solid value.

How Much Does it cost?

31 450 USD – 49 065 USD