Honda Ridgeline Review 2019

If you are looking for a right truck with comfortable cabin and refined road manners – this might just be The One. Holding the first place among the Compact Pickup Trucks the Honda Ridgeline is a quintessentially awesome pickup. A perfect truck would have enough space to transport passengers and haul cargo, it should be safe and reliable, have a speedy modern engine, and packed with advanced safety features. Pickups are usually useful, practical, and ready for almost any bumps-and-humps kind of tasks. And sleek stylish look inside and out would be a cherry on top. The Ridgeline hits all of the marks so let’s see what the fuss is all about.

The Pros

  • Comfortable and roomy
  • Top-notch cabin quality
  • Numerous ingenious safety aids
  • Tri-zone automatic CC
  • Easy to get in and out

The Cons

  • Towing capacity could have been better on the FWD models
  • Infotainment system screen is too sensitive
  • Low under-body ground clearance for off-roading

Honda Ridgeline Overview 

Exterior of Honda Ridgeline

The 2019 Ridgeline model hasn’t been revamped or redesigned much from last year’s version, it received just a couple of smallest updates. Though, for a vehicle that has made it to the 10 Best trucks and SUV’s list three years in a row minor changes are just fine. Honda has added sunroofs and power-sliding rear windows. Plus, our bellowed Honda Sensing driving aids are now standardly added to two top trims. Apart from the additional USB-port, that is pretty much it for the “What’s new” portion for 2019. 

Just as last year, the 2019 Honda Ridgeline isn’t a good choice for a pickup, it’s a great one. We love the Honda’s unconventional unibody construction for this pickup. Ridgeline has fully independent suspension, solid engine choices and outstanding comfort and handling. The Ridgeline is quick, though when it comes to towing, it’s lacking,  the Ridgeline has a lower towing capacity than body-on-frame mid-size trucks. The Ridgeline 2019 has 6 trim levels.


Honda Ridgeline Review 2019

Ridgeline is a great looking truck. Some exterior features, like the grille spaced across the hood with a large emblem that houses all of the radar and sensory tech, resembling the Odyssey or the Honda Pilot. HR has a unique cool easily identifiable style– it’s advanced one-piece unit-body cab and bed with an integrated frame are really unprecedented in the truck niche. The 2019 Ridgeline has a great color lineup, we really loved the White Diamond Pearl and Crystal Black one.


Interior of Honda Ridgeline

If we’re looking for practicality and comfort the Ridgeline’s interior is simply one of the best. The 2019 Honda Ridgeline interior is stylish, roomy with top quality materials used throughout – overall it is a well-put-together highly functional cabin. Plus, even the standard Ridgeline’s model gives off an upscale vibe. The cabin is full-on packed with tech features and Honda’s safety aids, like the awesome Honda Sensing, ACE, SmartVent, TPMS and much more. Unfortunately, the infotainment system has already managed to collect more than a few complaints – it’s a bit confusing with an overly-sensitive touch-screen. 


You can expect dynamic performance, along with the excellent ride and handling. The speedy 3.5-liter V6 engine with 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque is standard for all of the HR trims. The acceleration is quick so a lot of on-the-road navigation and touchy driving situations will feel much easier to handle. You can also look forward to the 6 speed AT and have your pick between AWD or FWD optional on the mid-trims. Generally, we’ve had enough time after the launch and the performance reviews are in. One of the most recent one from the Yahoo team after a 40,000-mile test-drive was exceptionally positive, stating that the Ridgeline did all the truck was supposed to do  and more, and did those truck-things generally quite well.


An abundance of standard and optional tech features and functions is one of the most advanced on the market.  In addition to the smart connectivity and infotainment features, you will also have the benefits of the awesome driver assist tech that offers numerous unparalleled  safety options. Everything, except for the infotainment system that needs a bit of and interface boost, is actually perfect.


Generally, the price ranges from a 29 990 USD for the base trim and goes up to the 43 420 USD for the  loaded AWD Black Edition.  


The Ridgeline seats five adults. Seating material is made of high-quality cloth. The seats in the back row can be folded. As always leather seats are available, though lately cloth upholstery is viewed is a more comfortable option.  There are three full sets of LATCH connectors for installing car seats.

Climate control

CC is one of the best HR features: user-friendly tri-zone automatic climate control is very easy to use and can create a comfortable environment in no time whatsoever.

Infotainment System

Honestly, a bit of a letdown for such a great pickup. As previously mentioned, the interface is confusing and touch-screen is definitely overly-sensitive.

Storage and Space

The Ridgeline’s bed is probably the most versatile on the truck scene, moreover, the dimensions are enough to transport 4-foot wide items, though there are better bad offers on the market. The back seats fold down to give you extra storage space. Towing capacity varies for the FWD and AWD, with a quite large difference. The AWD tows 5000, while FWD drops down to 3500. Both not exceptional within its class. Plus, there’s another Honda-specific feature: the very useful 7.3-cubic-foot lockable in-bed trunk. 

Honda Ridgeline


Ridgeline is roomy, quiet, with comfortable seats, awesome climate control, and the smoothest imaginable ride. You will be very comfortable.

Seat comfort

Seats are firm and supportive, especially on the upper trims with the heated and ventilated options. There’s enough head and leg space and the front row seats offer great lumbar support. 

Ride comfort

Everyone agrees on this one: the smoothest ride within its class. On the road, it’s well-mannered and feels extremely competent. 


If we are looking at the trucks – Honda is in its own class: the unique design keeps Ridgeline stable on all surfaces. The 3.5 V6 and six-speed automatic work seamlessly together. Driving feels effortless, accurate steering and brakes with strong stopping power add to the overall quality.

Safety & Reliability

The Ridgeline earned a 5 out of 5 crash tests from the NHTSA, moreover, it is the only pickup that the IIHS named a Top Safety Pick 2018.  

Should I Buy the Honda Ridgeline?

Simply put: if you are looking for a truck than you should buy the HR 2019. Though the price is a bit out there, it is a fantastic every-day vehicle for family or business. However, if you are in need of a great towing truck –  you might want to check out the competition. 

How Much Does it cost?

29 990 USD – 43 420 USD